In this module participants get a deeper understanding of their personality traits and relate the same to their perceived strengths and weaknesses.  It provides frameworks to set ambitious but attainable goals, manage time effectively and help build resilience. Finally, they will be able to connect the dots in terms of traits, and strengths, and be able to identify areas of development in the context of their role and the goals they have set for themselves.

Self Awareness

  • Concept of Self
  • Reflections on Psychometric Test Results
  • Group Coaching bring together Strengths, Weaknesses, Ambitions.
  • Develop Self-improvement Plans

Goal Setting

  • Why Goals?
  • Concepts and Frameworks
  • Group Coaching – Set at least one meaningful goal.
  • Achieving Goals.
  • Hands on activity – Make a plan to achieve at least one goal.

Managing Time

  • Benefits of Time Management
  • Frameworks to Manage Time.
  • Art of prioritising – Hands on activity
  • Becoming more productive.


  • Root cause of failures
  • Preventive measures to safeguard against failures
  • Bouncing back from failures