Hammer in your Hand, everything looks like a Nail !!

What Advice Would  TODAY’s Gururaj give to the Gururaj of YESTERDAY?

I vividly recall embarking on my consulting career almost two decades ago, after spending 15 years in the manufacturing industry. Being handpicked by my organization, I was fortunate to receive specialized training in Hungary for one of our flagship products. Thus, I found myself on my inaugural assignment, serving an esteemed oil and gas major in the Gulf. Equipped with an in-depth understanding of the product’s features, I swiftly mapped the client’s business requirements and confidently demonstrated how our product could meet their needs. The assignment went reasonably well, and by chance, I also eventually secured the deal for the organization. However, upon reflecting on that experience today, I realize how much I have grown since then and how I would approach the same job with far greater expertise. Allow me to share some advice the  Gururaj of today would offer to MY past self:

Consulting Transcends Mere Replication: Consulting entails more than simply mirroring a customer’s business onto a new system. While meeting the bare minimum requirements and specifications is essential, it should only serve as a starting point. “TABLE STAKES” is the minimum gate to clear.

Unveil the Unknown: Delve into researching the industry, competition, technology landscape, and domain to discover what the clients themselves may not be aware of. Enlighten them on how they can strive for greatness.

The Hammer and the Nail: Resist the temptation to view every problem as one you already have a solution for. Instead, focus on identifying and formulating the right problems before providing tailored solutions.

Beyond Product Capability: While understanding the product’s capabilities is crucial, the true mark of a successful consultant lies in translating those capabilities into tangible solutions that address the customer’s specific problems. Sharpen these skills continuously.

Embrace the Consulting Mindset: Recognize that consulting is more than just a job; it is a mindset. Cultivate curiosity, extend a helpful hand, build lasting relationships, listen attentively, and master the art of effective articulation. Dedicate yourself to constant improvement in these areas.

By revisiting these lessons from the journey, we can enhance our growth as consultants and embrace the ever-evolving nature of our profession.

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