This module is designed to make participants practice the art of impactful communication. They get to understand the intricacies of Communication such as how body language influences communication, what channel to use when, the importance of documentation in professional work, writing minutes of meetings, nuances around pronunciations, and learn how to make effective presentations.  With role plays and participants asked to do presentations the idea is to make them more confident communicators. 

Communication Basics

  • Communication Process and channels
  • Importance of non-verbal communication (body language)
  • Barriers
  • Listening Skills
  • Guidelines for effective communication

Presentation Skills

  • Purpose of Presentation
  • Structuring and delivering effective Presentations
  • Handling questions and objections
  • Group Coaching –Participants make a presentation and receive feedback.

Written Communication

  • Documentation in Professional Work.
  • Hands on activity with group coaching in Documentation
  • Emails – etiquettes with hands on activity.
  • Writing MoM with hands on activity.

Verbal Communication

  • Audio and Video Calls – etiquettes.
  • Hands on activity with group coaching.