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Fauda Season 4 was released this week and I rewarded myself with some binge watching of the gripping Netflix Israeli series. This reminded me how a few years ago, in my previous Job, when I was entrusted with a new responsibility of conceptualizing niche Technology Solutions, I picked Border safety and Anti-Terrorism as an area to focus in the light of many terror attacks that had happened globally around the same time.

I realized how important networks were for me to acquire the domain knowledge that was required to make an impact. I take pride in my networks and my skill to identify those key contacts who would help me in designing these Solutions. Never would I have imagined even in my wildest dreams working with ex-Intelligence officers and ex-Police chiefs of countries outside of India. A lot of new learning ensued afterwards and some good friends followed in those few years.

That brings me to the point of importance of your “social capital” tied to your personal network.

 Becoming an entrepreneur has reinforced my belief in personal networks. Why should someone pick your call after you have left your job title behind in your previous company? Why should they help you or provide access to resources?

 Having a large and diverse network (geographically spread, gender diverse, skill diversity, relationship-ex colleagues, friends, community etc) benefits you with quick support, influential access to people, access to new ideas and information and above all a buddy for emotional support in your difficult journey of entrepreneurship.

My few suggestions to nurture a Strong  & deep Quality network would be to

  • Not rely on authority but use Influence at your workplace
  • Take a long term view & Invest in Relationships – Reciprocity is the rule in human nature.
  •  Newton’s third law of motion works pretty well in human nature. Give before you take. What goes round comes around. Whatever you give comes back to you.

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