We live in an interconnected and interdependent world which means the quality of relationships with the right people matters for success.  This module is designed to make participants examine the health of their interpersonal relationships and networks. It also provides them with guidelines for building sustainable professional relationships and networks. Through experiential workshops, they learn what it takes for a team to succeed, manage conflicts and work towards becoming valuable team players.

Interpersonal Relationships

  • Importance, Concepts and Frameworks
  • Reflections – Interpersonal capabilities based on data from Psychometric Tests.
  • Group Coaching – What to change
  • Managing conflicts
  • Crucial conversations (Includes learning to say No)

Working in Teams

  • Why Teams and the evolution of Teams
  • Practical Exercise on Team work
  • Reflections, Learnings and Group Coaching based on practical exercise.
    • Behaviours expected of Team members
    • Behaviours expected of Team Leader
    • What makes a Team Successful?


  • Importance, Concepts, Frameworks
  • Reflections on Personal Network – What’s in, what’s missing and how to enrich?